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Buy Get a 3-pack of LARGE split Elk Antlers, 11" - 12" for $36 with Shipping Included!

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  1. Split antlers expose the marrow down the length of the antler, giving your pet immediate satisfaction.
  2. Great source of calcium zinc manganese and potassium help keep tartar knocked down on teeth
  3. No odor and no mess.
  4. Naturally shed antlers sourced in the USA

Similar to deer antlers, these are a great, healthy, all-natural, long-lasting chew for your dog. Typically, Elk are much larger than deer therefore making their antlers much bigger and create a long-lasting chew for your dog. Elk Antlers hold up longer than most types of chews and are safe for dogs to grind down on them not to mention they are delicious!

Most pet chews have a bad odor and will leave a mess, unlike Elk Antlers. These chews leave no residue and the only mess that will be on the floor is a possible drool from your dog enjoying the treat! And because Elks naturally shed their antlers, no animals are harmed in the collection of our elk chews. Elk Antlers are a single ingredient, natural chew from a renewable source and contains many beneficial nutrients, nothing artificial! Elk Antlers aren't only a great, enjoyable chew for your pet but they will also promote healthy teeth and gums for your four-legged best friend!

Each Elk Antler is half split and is 11" to 12" in length.

Each deal includes 3 slices of Elk Antlers.

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