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KONG Cozies: Baily

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Buy It's time to get your squeak on - Wubba Weekend is here!

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Today's deal is for a large KONG® Wubba-go-to tug toy of discerning dogs worldwide - in one of three assorted colors: red, blue or purple.

Wubba's are great for games of tug, fetch, and for those pups that become emotionally attached to their toys, even the occasional snuggle. The top of the Wubba is constructed from nylon fabric covered rubber balls, perfect for bouncing, floating and fetching, while the bottom features long tails designed to slap your dog in the face (in a good way, of course) as they tug and shake the toy into submission.

One of the most amazing qualities of the KONG® Wubba is how much abuse it can take. Chew it, throw it, tug it, shake it, squeak it, then chuck it in the washing machine and repeat. The durability (and chewability) of this toy make it the star of the toy box. What? Your pooch doesn't have a toy box stuffed full of brightly colored playthings clamoring to be lovingly torn apart. No worries! We're more than wiling to help you out. Just click "Buy Now" to make your four-legged friend's wildest, wubba-est dreams come true.

Large (13.5" L X 3" Diameter)
This item comes in assorted colors. Color will vary with each order.

Limit 3 per customer.

Shipping is FREE!

Wubba for the Weekend ~ Loverdog

Every doggie's watching, to see what you will chew
Every doggie's looking at you, ah-rooo
Every doggie's wonderin', will you come out and play
Every doggie's trying to get this toy today, today

Every doggie wubba for the weekend
Every doggie wants to fetch and squeak
You can throw your wubba off the deep end
Every doggie knows that wubba’s float, ah-roo

You want a piece of my heart
You better start from start
You wanna' get today's deal
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