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KONG Cozies: Baily

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Buy Get a Large KONG® Stuffing-Free Plush Beaver for $7.99, FREE SHIPPING!

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LESS is MORE with this durable stuffing-free critter!

Just because the KONG® Plush Beaver doesn't have any insides, doesn't mean he's without a heart-a heart your dog will gleefully rip from his lifeless chest! But no worries, it's quite easy to perform open-heart surgery from the comfort of your living room, especially when your patient's primary internal organ is a replaceable squeaker. But make sure you're wearing medical scrubs when you operate! Why? Because they're comfy and the drawstring waist means you can eat an entire tub of Cherry Garcia and they'll still fit.

The KONG® Plush Beaver is part of the Dr. Noys' line of materiel dog toys... which has us thinking that Dr. Noys is like Dr. Frankenstein, minus the angry villagers wielding pitchforks and torches. Dr. Noys' creations are more likely to elicit barks of joy than the condemnation of the scientific community. The KONG® Plush Beaver is a prime example. This not-so-monstrous toy is specially designed to take a beating... and yanking... and chewing. Constructed for the canine that rips their toys apart in search of the squeaker, this toy features one that's easy to replace. As a bonus, all of Dr. Noys' stuffing free toys come with a FREE replacement squeaker! For those of you who'd prefer some quiet time, just remove the squeaker and replace it with a tennis ball. This soft, furry beaver is stuffing-free, so if your four legged maniac manages to rip him to shreds, the aftermath is an easy clean up. You should order one, stat!

The KONG® Plush Beaver is:

  • Machine Washable
  • Made from soft fur-like material, minus the messy stuffing
  • Equipped with a Velcro opening that allows squeaker to be removed or replaced easily

Specifications: LARGE (Qty 1)


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