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KONG Cozies: Baily

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Buy Give your pet a bed they deserve: Bindaboo Bindy Bed - LARGE! 42% Off!

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Finding the perfect bed for your pet can be such a hassle. You have to think about if the bed is safe for your pet, easy to take care of, and most importantly if its comfortable for your four-legged kiddo. Today, BarkingDeals brings to you Bindaboo Pet Beds – Bindy Beds that could not be any more perfect for your little one!

Bindaboo Pet Beds – Bindy Beds are everything you want and need in a pet bed. Bindy Bed's are made of a durable, 'shaggy' soft and comfortable material that is easy to clean and your pet will love! For pets who like to chew through their beds, the Bindaboo Bindy Bed offers an attractive shag look that disguises the filling, so any chewing isn’t evident to the eye. It’s made of a durable, soft, comfortable material that your pet will find irresistible to sleep on. It also lets your pet nest in deep for cozy comfort. Not to mention, these beds are fully machine-washable and is safe to tumble dry, so clean up is a piece of cake! The Bindy Bed is the perfect bed for both dogs and cats. Your pet will love nesting and snuggling in this bed!

Want to get your four-legged kid a bed that’s just perfect for them? Click “Buy Now” and bring home a Bindaboo Bindy Bed!

Bindaboo Bindy Bed – Color Choices:
  1. Cream with Black Paw Prints.
  2. Chocolate with Cream Paw Prints

Bindaboo Bindy Bed LARGE: 36” x 23”

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