3-Pack KONG Kickeroo Mice

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KONG Corduroy Mouse

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KONG® BraidZ Catnip Toys 3pk

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3-Pack KONG Kickeroo Mice

Price: $18.00     $6.99
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Keep your fingers and toes safe with the KONG® Kitten Kickaroo!

Soft squishy body for cuddling? Check! Fluffy tail for merciless kicking? Check! Satisfying crinkly sound for more enjoyable pouncing? Check! Potent does of catnip to get the party started? Check! Introducing the KONG® Kitten Kickaroo, your frisky feline's new best friend.

All kittens and young cats need to play. It's is normal behavior that provides your novice mischief-maker with opportunities to develop their physical coordination and problem-solving skills. Basically what we're saying is that having a KONG® Kitten Kickaroo in your house is going to make your cat a genius. Okay... not really, but it will keep them entertained.

This unique toy appeals to your kitty's instinctive desire to stalk and capture prey. The Kickaroo's size, shape and material were specially chosen to promote wrestling and hind paw kicking while the fluffy tail provides movement for extra excitement. On top of all that, add a generous amount of KONG®'s potent North American catnip and you've got yourself a purrrfect deal.

3-pack KONG® Kitten Kickeroo


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